Legally Bits

This blog is published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License.  Basically that means it follows the same rules as academic citation – you can use material from this site, but you have to cite me as a source, and you have to cite me fairly (no leaving out words to make me sound like I’m saying the opposite of what I really said!).

The only difference from standard academic citation is that content from this blog cannot be used in any commercial material, including published works.  If you want to cite me as a source for a published article or book, please contact me by leaving a comment anywhere on my blog or by emailing me at askanislamicist at gmail dot com (but written as an email address, naturally).  I will most likely point you towards one of my academic publications.

There are two reasons for this.  First, much of what I write on this blog has been or will be repeated in my academic publications, and frankly, as an academic, I like getting my published work cited.  Secondly, this blog is really not intended as an academic source.  For any students out there reading this: don’t cite this blog in a college paper!  I don’t think it will make your professors happy!  The site is semi-anonymous and non-peer-reviewed.

All material posted to this site represents my own opinions and beliefs.  This blog in no way represents the opinions of the University of Oxford, or any other organization of which I am a part.  Just me, talking about stuff.

Finally, it’s not really legal info, but I like to include it everywhere I can – I strictly enforce Wheaton’s Law on all comments to this blog.  Please, don’t be a dick.

P.S. Fair warning to anyone considering unfairly using the material from this blog, I have a bad-ass attorney who I get to pay in beer and hugs.  Be aware.

1 Response to Legally Bits

  1. Eloy Fobes says:

    I’d incessantly want to be update on new blog posts on this site, bookmarked ! .

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