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The general policy followed on this blog is Wheaton’s Law[1] – please, don’t be a dick.

I also don’t generally approve comments that are giving links to advertisements or paid sites, unless they come with a really good explanation for why the author is submitting them (namely, if they are salient to the discussion at hand and there is a decent chance that some/many of the readers here would have access anyways, for example with some paid newspaper sites).  No offense to anyone attempting to advertise through the internet, but it’s too difficult to draw a more precise line between honest advertising and spam.

I  am aware that much of the material I cover on this blog can be considered controversial, and I don’t always give citations, mostly for the sake of readability, and so I welcome comments and criticisms, and will not generally ban comments for being critical.  However, if you do feel the need to troll, please remember that while you are entitled to your opinion, I’m not actually required to listen to your opinion.  I won’t allow flame wars on my blog, mostly because I don’t care about your opinions that much.

To everyone else, please remember that the first rule of the internets is DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

[1] I suppose I support the Wheaton Corollary, as well, although I can’t imagine how it would ever come up . . .

2 Responses to Comments Policy

  1. John Press says:

    Did you get my reply concerning culturism and fear? It is below. I apologize if I am sending this successfully, and then resending it!

    In fact, all nations are culturist. Iran, China, and Saudi Arabia defend and prefer their traditional majority culture. Culturism holds no grudge against them for doing so. It is what all nations did, what the West did, before multiculturalism. As you noted, our immigration laws were culturist. Being culturist is normal and our right.

    Ironically, multiculturalists only believe that diversity encompasses silly superficial characteristics like food choice (see above). Cultural diversity is real. It impacts achievement and motivates actions. And to call people phobics or racist when open discussion is needed is counterproductive.

    Herein, I would ask you to distinguish culturist thought from the neo-con thought of Pamela Gellar and company. Culturism respects other nations’ right to be different. And culturist thought assumes that the reality of cultural diversity means that attempts to make Islamic nations into democratic ones is quixotic. Culturism errs on the side of isolationism.

  2. Lee Skinner says:

    Funny. The ship is sinking and you aren’t interested in even rearranging the deck chairs. All you want to do is blame the western world for building the ship.

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