Why study theology?

Following on from my last post, the Atlantic has a super-cool article explaining why people should study theology.  Hat-tip to my favorite high-heeled minister for pointing me to it (follow her on twitter here).  And unsurprisingly, the internet is now teeming with articles and blogposts about why this is the WORLD’S WORST ADVICE!  So let this be a lesson to you all – drive on the railroad tracks, give out your personal info to anyone who asks, and always accept rides from strangers.  Especially if they have candy.  Just don’t study theology.

Okay, so to be fair, the WORLD’S WORST ADVICE part is actually from one article that’s been posted over and over again, but I still find it a little bizarre that people are so horrified that people could argue in favor of studying religion.  It also makes me think no one actually read the Atlantic piece.  The whole point is that, whoever you are, wherever you’re from, however determinedly (or vitriolically) you hold to your atheism, your life is affected by religion.  Ignoring it is ignoring important data about how we ended up here.

I’m really starting to worry that wise, intelligent, sophisticated, critically-minded, well-informed scientists don’t understand how “infection” works.  Religion is not infectious.  You’re not going to catch it by exposing yourself to it.  If you’re really worried, try wearing a surgical mask whilst you read Aquinas!


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I'm an academic who specializes in early Islamic history and the history of religious interactions, who, in her free time, enjoys shouting into the internet.
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  1. Amyclae says:

    Great little article by the Atlantic.

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