Not really a post

Okay, this is going to end up being a place-holder post – I had sat down this morning intending to write something about privilege in discussions of religion, but I can’t manage to construct anything more eloquent than ‘arg rage arg stupid why don’t people arg!’, so that will have to rest for a while until I can manage something better.

In the meantime, as the internet swarms with crazy, insulting messages, here’s some awesome stuff related to Islam that I’ve stolen from various other people:

Istanbul University is hosting a virtual gallery on their website of manuscripts from the collection of Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, in honor of 446th year of his death (as far as I’m aware, the year 446 has no special significance – the archiving project started in 2007, and I think it just happens to be finished now), as well as some digital renders of period clothes and the Sultan’s Istanbul palace.  A new article about the gallery is here, but unfortunately my Turkish is non-existent, so I haven’t managed to find a link to the actually gallery yet.  If anyone can find one, please pass it along!

Along similar lines, the website for the Met in New York is currently featuring a discussion of the museum’s history with Islamic art, a history that maps well into the larger history of the display on Islamic art in the West. features a charming post about the ‘secrets’ of the Muslim bathroom, in particular the lota, which includes a slightly wince-inducing account of trying to cover for carrying the lota into the toilet at work by drinking out of it.  (As a personal sidenote, working with Muslim communities and having a lot of South Asian friends is, actually, why I taught myself to be ambidextrous, me being a naturally lefty – it was a great idea until I discovered, much to my chagrin, that while I can write in English in lovely cursive with my right hand, for some reason, I cannot, for the life of me, write in Arabic with the right hand.  It just . . . won’t do it.)

From womenwhokickass (by way of badassmuslimahs), the amazing story of Maryam Molkara, a trans activist in Iran who actually wrote to Ruhollah Khomeini for religious guidance, and was given permission to follow the religious obligation for women, and was still harassed, beaten and locked up in the asylum after the Iranian Revolution.  Badass Muslimah indeed!

And from woodturtle and also from a couple of weeks ago but hey it’s been stuck in my head for ages, an awesome global art and music project called ‘The Sifr‘.  Make sure to turn on the subtitles for full effect!

And finally, it has nothing to do with Islam, but it’s written by a friend of mine – some discussion of the recent papyrus discovery making reference to a wife of Jesus.

So there we are, hopefully enough links to tide everyone over until I can manage to write something coherent!

About askanislamicist

I'm an academic who specializes in early Islamic history and the history of religious interactions, who, in her free time, enjoys shouting into the internet.
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